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NJ P4 players

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 16 years ago by calabs.

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July 10, 2004
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Has anyone in NJ noticed how all even P4 numbers fall quite often and sometimes back to back.

It look likes there's a pattern here to me...might be worth it to watch for the next all even and play the next few draws later all even numbers figured from that previous drawn even number.

Let's start 2/27...2626 (M)    fell

Now...the next even didn't fall until 3/17 0602 (m)...but see how one could concieve that 0602 was the next logical number??????????

Here's a short list ...can you see the pattern and also several back to back numbers!

2/27  2626  M

3/17  0602  M

3/25  0848  M

3/26  0626  E

3/30  6404  E

3/31  2648  M

4/19  4602  E

4/27  8442  M

4/28  2220  E

4/29  8486  M

5/01  8464  E

5/02  0448  E

Take it from here!



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    November 26, 2005
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    mysticwomyn - Yes I see the pattern.  As a matter of fact, if you use vtracs to track the pattern, you will see that several vtracs, particularly double vtracs, will return within a few draws.  Take for example your number 0062.  the vtrac for this is v1123.  Now 0626 which fell later has a vtrac of 1232.  This is called a double vtrac return.  Something Tntea is very proficient at.  So when you see a double vtrac like v1123 (any order), you can expect a return as v1123, 1223, or 1233.  A good example of this return is given in the thread I posted in the P4 forum on numbers to look for in MD, MI, MO, SC.  In this case the double vtrac returned within one draw in two of the states. 

    Good luck!