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Winning numbers for 5/12/06

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March 20, 2006
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I am making the call NOW!...for MM

On Aug 18,1998 the following numbers appeared....9,10,11,12,48

This Friday I am expecting one of the weirdess set of numbers you will see. I am predicting that at least 4 of the five numbers(if not all 5) will be less than 20.

I am expecting to once again be royally ripped off by MMAgree with stupid....I expect to be knocked down for the count on Friday.........aghhh haNo No....but I will rise again on TuesdayBanana


No combination of 20's ....no combo of 30's

Three or Four numbers between 1 and 15......and 1 or a combo in the 50's.


I didn't do too well on my last predictions(maybe because I didn't do much actual real life waging)......but I am entitled to carry the bank to the ticket counter on Friday...and that is why I am expecting to see really weird number combo winning...hehehehe!!