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LckyLary's blog questions/answers

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Posted: May 29, 2006, 6:05 pm - IP Logged

LckyLary said...
I've studied the data in nj and I see a lot of times where this strategy is correct. I have a few questions so that I can narrow down how many #s I have to play:
1. When you say i.e. "2XX" that means 2 and some double digit? yes or those double

2. What about when i.e. 099 occurs? Is that a warning of another double? Not a double warning..
3. Does anything warn for double 0's? The others could come with double 0's
4. In nj can you use Midday to predict Eve. or do separately? together
5. Does this happen on RNG systems? all states...
6. Is there a theory as to why this happens? Is there a likely position the doubles come up (i.e. where the 0 didn't occur)? for straight plays? Is this actual bias or would this happen in any random list of numbers? Not sure why it works..
7. (important) is there a way to guess the non-doubled digit? Do I have to play every possible digit with the 2 possible doubles? I assume the #s are all boxed. I box them all and look for vtracs to help with determining which to play..

8. Is there a limit how many days after for the double? In PA it seems like it's usually the next eve. drawing. Usually within the next four draws..
9. (important also) what about when you get a bunch of 0/X/Y in a row? Use only the latest one or all of them? I watch the vtrac method. and play double vtrac returns..
10. (would be nice) is there a similar doubles warning for the Pick-4?
It does work in the pick 4's..

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