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I see Failure in the Horizon...

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: May 30, 2006, 1:40 am - IP Logged

Today i read that they came up with a new game in indiana, called: mix & match. Is a pick5 from 1 to 50? Each ticket costs 2 dollars, but you get 2 more tickets free. The jackpot is 200,000. A 4 of 5 tickets is 500 dollars and 3 of 5 is 10 dollars. It plays twice a week. I still can't understand the "combined lines section"...Jee!, who is going to get those numbers right, like 1-35 is not too much? But again, the hoosier lottery, they are so stingy.

I already see that game failing, not making it. Is 1-50, plus each ticket cost 2 dollars. What they don't know is that by raising the prize to 2 dollars, they are setting a limit to how much people can bet. The price of each tickets, tells how much people will bet. A game like that guarantees that 99.7 number of bets are going to be less than 20 dollars. If the game had been 1-28, then i would have said that is a great thing they did. You will have to be a fool to play such a game, the way it is...And not only that, they set the jackpot to be 200,000. If each ticket had cost 25 cents, and what you win is 50,000, then i would had said that is the typical State mentality . Just to prove that they just add numbers but they don't simulate or do  research. I sometimes wonder, whose ideas is that comes up with these games...What they need to do is come up with another pick6 game that guarantees starting jackpot of 3 million dollars, and increase by 500,000 each time the jackpot is not won...What you all think?



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    Posted: May 30, 2006, 7:36 am - IP Logged

    Welll you say you get three lines for $2.00.  (one ticker for $2 and two more free) That's $0.66/line.  That's probably about right for a 5/50 game, as long as they don't insist that the two free lines have to be quickpicks. That would eliminate a player's choices. But it sounds about right to me, especially for a six-figure JP.

    We have a 5/31 game, but 4 of 5 only pays 50 bucks. The JP starts at 10K and will rollover, but it doesn't make it to six-figures very often. Also our game 3 of 5 pays 2 bucks, not ten bucks. So your new game sounds about right, considering the prize tiers. Remember, they don't design these games to lose money. It's all about making money.


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