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stoopendaal's programs are gone.

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Posted: June 1, 2006, 4:01 am - IP Logged

stoopendaal is gone and with him his past lottery programs and maybe also any future ones that He maybe would have made if He had stayed.

Maybe people didn't make it worthwhile for him to stay and finish making his ProFilter-Pick-3 program and maybe others that he might have been able to make.

If you want a copy of any of his freeware programs, there are many people who downloaded them so you can ask people for them, but please don't ask me, because I will have to say "NO", to me, stoopendaal is the only one who has a right to give his programs away to others, Yes, I gave him some filters' ideas for him to code into his programs, mostly for the ProFilter program, but that does not make any of the programs mine and I am not the co-owner either.


So now download Ricky's programs while you can, as he might also one day leave.

I did find some problems with the Pick 3 FreeWheeler, with 2 of the filters, I don't know if it is just my copy that has those problems or all the copies do.

Maybe he will fix the problems when he comes back and again maybe not, we will see.

There might be no more updates for the FreeWheelers, but Who knows? Only Ricky does know.

The FreeWheelers seem to be good enough as they are, if only those 2 filters can get fixed, unless they have some more problems somewhere.

Maybe Ricky will also make some kind of JackPot games filters program and again maybe not.


I thank Harmen for the nice lottery programs that he made, even if they are not exactly what I wanted and need, both his programs are very far from being what I wanted, but again, they were not made by me and for myself, as they can say, "If you want something done your way, then you have to do it yourself".


FareWell to our very nice friend Harmen.

I miss him and not just for his lottery programs, but because he was (Is) a very nice person.

Good luck to him in all that he does.