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Dream Help

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Posted: July 30, 2006, 12:18 pm - IP Logged

I had this dream of being taken hostage in the stairwell  of a hospital.  Police were bringing in this man (caucasian) through the rear entrance of the hospital but the man was holding his wife and son and the police were walking behind him up the stairs.  I was at the top of the stairs coming down.  I had moved to the side to let them come up and get by me, and he then let his wife and son go and grabbed me!  He did not have a gun nor was he handcuffed.  He then acted as if he was going to throw me down the stairs and the police, his wife and son including me were begging not to throw me down the stairs and then we backed up against the wall and he pulled me down to the floor and we layed me down but he was laying behind me holding me from behnd me, and for some strange reason there was a dog (black) laying beside us but at the top of my head (the dog was alive but he was really calm and just laying there)-- I have no idea where the dog came from.  Then the police, the man's wife and son got up to the top of the stairs and was begging him to let me go and then he just let me go, got up and walked to the chair and sat down in the for the triage nurse.  Then my husband woke me up because I was crying which I still as I'm typing this because I was really afraid that he was gonig to throw me down those stairs in that dream.  I also remember in the dream that there was a lot of rennovations going on at the hospital and this guy was wearing all white clothes... please help me with some numbers on this one because it has really shaken me quite a bit.