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Plays for 8/2/06

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July 31, 2006
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Posted: August 2, 2006, 5:21 pm - IP Logged
Game: CTE Tickets: 1 Cost: $25    012,039,048,057,129,138,147,156,237,246,345,489,579,678,111,444,777,003,066,228,255,336,399,588,669,    
Game: KYE Tickets: 1 Cost: $55    013,023,034,035,036,037,038,039,123,134,135,136,137,138,139,234,235,236,237,238,239,345,346,347,348,349,356,357,358,359,367,368,369,378,379,389,333,003,033,113,133,223,233,334,335,336,337,338,339,344,355,366,377,388,399,    
Game: ON Tickets: 1 Cost: $102    012,013,014,015,016,017,018,023,024,025,026,027,029,034,035,036,038,039,045,047,048,049,056,057,058,059,067,068,069,078,079,089,123,124,125,126,128,129,134,135,137,138,139,146,147,148,149,156,157,158,159,167,168,169,178,179,189,236,237,238,239,245,246,247,248,249,256,257,258,259,267,268,269,278,279,346,347,348,349,356,357,358,359,367,368,369,378,389,457,458,459,467,468,479,489,569,578,579,589,679,689,789,    
Game: ON Tickets: 1 Cost: $24    029,038,047,056,128,137,146,236,245,389,479,569,578,002,011,119,155,227,299,335,344,488,668,677,    

MDE hit yesterday on 5 tickets, netting $47 each. The total amount of tickets invested for the play was six, for a total cost of $618. Net profit:  $132

KYE is begging for a 3 to pay. Current total in on the play is $110. Will raise tickets if the 3 does not play tonight.

ON is now two plays in for $50 for the $25 play.

Note two plays ON on the table. One is a single side play only, the other is the $25 play.

CTE just came on line for a $25 play.


For clarification, a 'play' is where a particular strategy is employed for a particular game for a set number of draws. If the expected result does not occur within 'x' number of draws (varies), then a net loss is booked.


All plays above are open.


MDE is now closed with $132