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rally on internet gambling

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October 15, 2004
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Posted: August 30, 2006, 4:16 pm - IP Logged

Representative Jim Leach and Senator Bill Frist will he holding a rally/hearing on Internet Gambling in Cedar Rapids on 8/31.Disapprove

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    October 15, 2004
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    Posted: August 30, 2006, 4:29 pm - IP Logged

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the recently
    scheduled "field hearing" on the issue of Internet gambling hosted by Rep.
    Jim Leach (R- IA) and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) in Cedar
    Rapids tomorrow, Michael Bolcerek, president of the Poker Players Alliance
    (PPA) a grassroots organization of more than 100,000 members, released the
    following statement:
        "The Poker Players Alliance supports an open dialogue to discuss this
    issue and we sincerely hope that the interests of poker enthusiasts in the
    state of Iowa will be heard at the field hearing. At the same time, while
    millions of poker players across the country care about this issue, we do
    not believe that Internet poker is of critical importance to the average
    Iowan. Field hearings focusing on high gas prices, quality education and
    healthcare, or the escalating war on terror would be a much more
    appropriate and productive use of taxpayer dollars.
        "While there are concerns with underage gambling and problem gambling,
    the prohibition bill sponsored by Rep. Leach and supported by Majority
    Leader Frist is shortsighted and will do nothing to address those concerns.
    As it stands the bill makes exemptions for Internet wagers on horse races,
    lotteries and fantasy sports. This fact is inconsistent with the supposed
    desire to ban online gambling. Moreover, Americans learned long ago that
    prohibitions don't work. In fact, prohibiting online poker will only drive
    the industry underground, essentially creating unregulated online
    'speakeasys' for people to play this game of skill.
        "A more sensible approach is to license, regulate and tax this skill
    game here in the United States, much like we already do with 'brick and
    mortar' casinos and card rooms. A recent economic analysis commissioned by
    the PPA reveals that more than $3.3 billion in tax revenue could be raised
    by the federal government by simply regulating Internet poker. An
    additional $1 billion could be spread amongst the states. Some of this
    money could be wisely spent on public education about the proper age to
    gamble and programs to treat problem gamblers.
        "The PPA values the leadership of Rep. Leach and Sen. Frist and we
    sincerely hope that they will shift their focus away from prohibiting a
    game of skill enjoyed by 23 million Americans on the Internet to more
    timely and relevant issues facing the people of Iowa and this country."

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      July 27, 2006
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      Posted: August 30, 2006, 11:16 pm - IP Logged

      errr, wonderful news i guess...Confused

      "The happiest moment of your life will be the moment it ends...thats because it doesn't end but goes on in ways so magnificent, so full of peace - wisdom - and joy, as to make it difficult to describe  and impossible for you to comprehend"


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        Posted: August 30, 2006, 11:41 pm - IP Logged

        HAVE any of ......................."YOU"??????????????




                                      EVER HEARD OF


        LOL................"GO" LOTTO!!!!!!!!!



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          Posted: August 31, 2006, 2:21 am - IP Logged

          Those who own and or run Internet casinos and or private lotteries, should not come to the U.S.A, not if they want to stay free, if they are Americans and or are living here, then the U.S. Government most not know that they have anything to do with those casinos and or lotteries. if you are American and in the future sometime you can't gamble at any of those internet overseas places, then maybe you need somebody from out of the USA to gamble for you there, if it is legal for them to do from their country, there is only the matter of their getting money from you and if you win then of their sending money to you also.

          You yourself would not have anything to do with those overseas gambling casinos and or lotteries, all your dealings would be done with that overseas person.

          That might be one of several possible ways to go.

          Perhaps there are two problems here, actually gambling at a particular site or sites (the physical act of doing so, so to speak) and the two ways or bilateral exchange of money (To and from) and or monetary credit.

          Any loopholes? Perhaps and very likely, but a third's party help might be needed.

          Will overseas Internet gambling go away? Perhaps, but not very likely, it might just slow down some.

          The US, could instead try to regulate and or tax it in some way or ways.

           That might be a much better solution for everybody involved, if it can be done. (I can't spell).

          Will we have to go underground in some way?

          Good luck to all.

          Who wants to be our overseas friend and get 25% of the profits?