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Pete and Re-peat Pairs in Pick 4

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 10 years ago by lottaloot.

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Posted: September 4, 2006, 1:10 pm - IP Logged

For Single numbers .....a pair will repeat more times than not so that's 50% of the number..... if ....you pick the right 2 digits that will repeat each day.

 Here's a way to see what's happening and keep up with what's what. Track the pairs for the singles only. Forget the doubles for this method......or complicate it as you want.

 Numbers and Positions .... Cut into 6 groups each day and note the group number that hit.

  Think of this like a  HORSE RACE GATE  with only 4 gates.... The numbers that hit are the horses names.  

  5678  hits right? Thats noted under each Gate or  position (A,,,B,,C,,,D,,)      OK..... check it with position or by the number of the gate.

    Its always the same 4 gates.  A..B..C...OR D

     Now then.... instead of a normal horse race for 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th  We will call both first and second the pair winners.....because they are the ones that repeat.  

  Any time we have a Single hit ..... we can make 6 pairs out of the 4 digit number each day. Single numbers.

 Note each time the winning pair combination.. there are 6 of them.   

   AB ..... 1.  odd       Low     Complicate it more with order. BA 

   BC.......2.   even     Low                                       CB

   CD.......3    odd      Low                                      DC


    BD.......4    even     High                                      DB

    AC...... 5.      odd      High                                      CA

    AD...... 6      even    High                                      DA


  The order should be from left to right to see the difference between ..... AB and BA

   If the 12 pair hit the next day.... it is an AB hit.  but if it came in as 4521 back wards ....then that would be a BA hit not AB. If.. you wanted to keep up with it that much more. Better chances for a straight that way maybe.



             Keep in mind you are looking at the 6 pair..COMBINATIONS not the actual numbers. How they are joined together and order. 

    Groups hit as .... AB odd, Ab odd, Ab odd, AC odd ,Ac odd , CD odd, AB odd...... 

  It would actually be seen or represented in a much Simpler way...

      Groups.. 1,1,1, 5,5,3,

        Well,,, you see how that would help to play Low group,,,or even group,,,, etc. right? Certainly ..we would consider playing them in backwards order too right?  Yep,,,,me too.    





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    Posted: September 9, 2006, 1:06 pm - IP Logged

    Thanks for your info, Win D

    L ttaL   T