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paper and pencil "hourglass"

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Posted: September 23, 2006, 11:42 am - IP Logged

Seems to be alot of interest in these kinds of systems (p&p)

So I thought I'd review one of my favorites, the "hourglass"...named that because it's the shape of an hourglass!

I'm going to use Florida as an example...going back to the 3-7-1 and 5-5-0 draws.  You use the two most recent draws for this one.

You put one number on top and one on the bottom...does't matter which.

Give yourself room in between them for other number placement..at least four lines.

Then what you do is subtract down from the top number and up from the bottom. If you find yourself using a drawn number with a zero in it ...count that as 10 and sutract whatever number is next to it.  Here's the example



                    3        7        1

                        4        6



                         0        5

                    5        5        0

The next winning number was 1-4-5

Starting with the 5 at the bottom you say (5-0=5) going up to the 0,

then without lifting your pencil you go to the 4 and use that number..

then go to the 3 and say (4-3=1) and there's your 1-4-5 next number.

It's often good if you can come up with the same number several

ways..then it's a good pick.  Another way to get 1-4-5 is starting at the 1 go to the 6 and say (6-1=5)..then without lifting your pencil go to the 2 and say (6-2=4)..then without lifting your pencil go up through the 3&4 and say (4-3=1) and there you have 1-4-5 again!

The next set up for your next number would be this:


                      1        4        5

                          3        1



                          0        5

                       5        5        0

Your winning number does not have to stop or end at the top or bottom ...it can end in the middle or along the diagonal lines.

The next winning number starts at the 4...see if you can finish it.

I know it was 7-2-3, but not sure of that order and if I go back to check I will lose all this post and have to start over again! ugh!

I hope this gives you the hang of it.


Another way of knowing that your pick is a good one is if you can come up with that same number using just the corner numbers.

In the first example the corner numbers are 3...1...5...0

OK...Can you get 1-4-5 outof those ...sure can!

Have fun with this!