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Land Mines

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November 2, 2005
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Posted: October 24, 2006, 7:19 pm - IP Logged

Heres a simple system to nail straights online.

what i did was print ouy the 1000 number chart that Win D had posted, next step was to go

to Jan 1 and start fillindg in all the numbers that hit in straight form so if 217 hit i would black it out on the chart with a marker,

Bring the chart up to current date today it takes a bit of work but once your done you just have to update it daily with the next draw.

If you ever played the computer game on your computer you will see the sheet looks like a bunch of land mines.

Thats why I called it that, go figure,

Now the play.

i noticed that as the numbers are drawn 70% of the time they fall around another mark on the board. or landmine if you like.

so knowing that this is how the board fills in 70% of the time you can find your straigh hit.

if i look at my board and am expecting a certain number to fall in first postion say number 7, i find all areas on the board near black marks so for western Canada I would have,


so 23 numbers 5.75 dollars daily on line.

I could also pick one more depending on how much i want to bet,

This is for straight hits only.

try it out fill out your chart then track daily and you will see how the numbers fall.Hit With Stick