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Feel rich

Topic closed. 30 replies. Last post 10 years ago by TheTruth.

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How much money will make you fee rich?

10,000 [ 3 ]  [4.11%]
100,000 [ 5 ]  [6.85%]
1,000,000 [ 17 ]  [23.29%]
10,000,000 [ 22 ]  [30.14%]
100,000,000 [ 17 ]  [23.29%]
I can't count that high. [ 9 ]  [12.33%]
Total Valid Votes [ 73 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 2 ]  
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July 27, 2006
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Posted: December 24, 2006, 1:27 am - IP Logged

Money is energy.  Money is not the source of that energy, it is a reward and a tool of energy.  Money alone won't bring wealth.  Energy will.

Wealth is very subjective.  A blind man with 5 bucks in his pocket considers himself wealthy if he has a friend drive him to Subway so he can buy a sandwich.  What makes him feel wealthy?  It's not the 5 bucks, it's the fact that he had a friend that drove him there.

I agree rick.

My take on it, there is no amount of money that can "MAKE" me feel rick perse'...for me, it's more so what I can do with the money, who i can help with the money, who would benefit most from my generosity. Not to long ago I made a grand in a week, that was the most money I have ever had in my life at one time for my advantage...ever. I felt like the richest man and I still do...

why? because it was a hell of alot more dough then what i had prior to my wins, it is a blessing...so i choose the option for 10,000 because honestly, I feel like that could set me for a very long time...provided I just manage and invest my money correctly.

Hell, the money i won a month ago is still very much lasting, and it has helped me get out of debt, treat more people to gifts i otherwise couldn't have been able to afford, and just do alot of fun things that life has to offer.

I feel richer knowing that I have a very peaceful and happy state of mind...Being centered and at peace with my very existence, makes me feel even richer...

"The happiest moment of your life will be the moment it ends...thats because it doesn't end but goes on in ways so magnificent, so full of peace - wisdom - and joy, as to make it difficult to describe  and impossible for you to comprehend"