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What's better, 3- 7Full Wheels Or 1- 9Full Wheel?

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May 24, 2006
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Posted: November 6, 2006, 1:25 pm - IP Logged
Fellow Forum Members,
I'm playing Florida Megamoney (4 picks of 1-44 & 1 megaball of 1-22), and I'm using LottoPro 2006, Lotto Sorcerer and Lotto 007 XP. What is a better strategy, spending $105 ($35 x 3) on three separate full 7 wheels? Or spending $126 on one full 9 wheel? I have been alternating between these two strategies and the best result I got was hitting 3 numbers using the nine wheel. But on the other hand, I also hit all 5 numbers on the 3 separate 7 wheels, although it doesn't count because not all 5 numbers were contained within one 7 wheel.

Moreover, I'm contemplating moving on to abbreviated wheels. Can anyone out there recommend what is the best Software and / or strategy for abbreviated wheels? I'm thinking of playing the same abbreviated wheel for an entire year. My thinking is that sometime sooner or later it eventually has to hit. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.