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Partnerships between MUSL and non-MUSL members

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Posted: November 16, 2006, 5:38 pm - IP Logged

As you probably know, GA, KY, and VA teamed up to offer Lotto South. After some colossal mistakes, LS was retired this year, replaced by LOSE for Life. The odd thing about the "union" is that KY is a MUSL member, while GA and VA, which each offer Mega Millions, are not. (GA was a MUSL member in the mid-1990s, until the Big Game (now MM) began.)

Lesser known is that Illinois, which sells MM, "loans" its pick-3 (and pick-4 I believe) numbers to Iowa, a MUSL state. Iowa pays 60% on numbers bets vs 50% on Illinois tickets.

I no longer believe MUSL and non-MUSL members should be allowed to form partnerships, except in an emergency. This means that GA and VA can still offer LOSE for Life as a bi-state game (it really should be a one-state game, if at all.) KY could continue LOSE for Life as an in-state game, or try to offer a MUSL secondary game. The best thing KY could do is join Hot Lotto.

As for Illinois and Iowa, IA should draw its own numbers, or IA could share its numbers with North Dakota, which would be a way ND could offer pick-3 and or pick-4, since ND can only sell multi-state games.