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IS it possible to buy all combinations of Powerball / MegaMillions ?

Topic closed. 3 replies. Last post 11 years ago by Littleoldlady.

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December 26, 2006
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Posted: December 26, 2006, 3:03 am - IP Logged

I mean how much does it cost to buy every combination ?

Would Powerball / megamillions legally permit you to do so ?

How come any of you haven't done this yet ?

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    Posted: December 26, 2006, 6:42 am - IP Logged

    There have been some interesting discussions on this topic in the past.  Try using the Search page (Forums menu) and broaden the search range to include all history.

    It is legal to buy all numbers, but with over 176 million combinations it is practically impossible to do it.  Even with a few lottery machines running day and night, I don't think they could pump out that many tickets.  (And I'm not sure the lottery and/or the store would want someone dominating their machines every moment.


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      January 17, 2006
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      Posted: December 26, 2006, 9:38 am - IP Logged


      Look on the back of a playslip for either game....the posted odds againt winning are the actual number of combinatins possible, for Powerball it's over 140,000,000 to one and for Mega Millions it's over 176,000,000 to one.

      Anyone with "deep enough pockets" to play like that would never play like that.  That's why it's never been done.

      And don't forget, you can never assume a solo hit (one winner). Let's say therre was a game where the odds were 10,000 to one and the hjackpot was $5, 000. So you go out and borrow $10,000 so you know you'll win. So did 4 other people. So now all five of you have borrowed $10,000 to guarantee a win, but that win is $2,000, not $5,000. So you hit a jackpot and owe $8,000. Not a real great strategy.

      Like Todd said, do some searches here on the board. There's plenty of info. 

      Those who run the lotteries love it when players look for consistency in something that's designed not to have any.


      There is one and only one 'proven' system, and that is to book the action. No matter the game, let the players pick their own losers.

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        Posted: December 26, 2006, 10:34 am - IP Logged

        Yeah you buy them all only if you are Bill Gates or Oprah. Green laugh

        It is just best to make you some regular plays and play them ALL of the time.

        If you know your number is going to hit, have patience and then KILL IT!

        You never know when you will get another hit.