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Consider this...

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Posted: December 30, 2006, 2:52 pm - IP Logged

Taking the best three digits from the least number of workouts...(simply workouts)
Examples will be from PA nite which is a mechanical ball game...totally random.

I'll go back to 8-1-1

The first simply workout is putting the previous nite's number next to it. 1-5-9 fell the nite before so
this is the set up...

1 8
5 1
9 1

Mixing...which for me is + or - between two numbers that touch is a big part of all these
mini workouts. I have yet to find a workout that will show you the exact numbers that fall the next day,
but have through many trials found mini workouts that if you mix the numbers correctly they give you that
elusive winning number.

Let's look at this mini workout.

1 8
5 1
9 1

By mixing I see I can get the number "4" four times ! I have three sets of (5-1)'s and one (9-5)...
so I am going to pull the number "4" from this workout.

Next workout...
Working with 8-1-1- which is the last winning draw...use these as your middle column. Then just go one
less on the left and one more on the right like this...

7 8 9
0 1 2
0 1 2

By mixing I can get the number "3" five times ! I see (0-7) one time and (1+2) twice going across and
(1+2) twice diagonally...so I am going to pull a "3" from this workout.

Now just by using these two mini workouts can you see another number for the third possibility?

If you answer was "0" you are correct!

1 8             7 8 9
5 1             0 1 2
9 1             0 1 2

I can find "0" ten times in the above mini workouts !

And there you have 4-3-0 as the next winning draw!!!!!

Another stategy is using the regular TTT for your third digit to make up four possible picks.
Use the two best digits from the mini workouts and then pair them with the digits on the four corners of the TTT.
You will find if you look back more times than none ...one of those corners digits will be in your next draw!

The TTT for 8-1-1 is


Another thing ..if you came up with a "4" from the first mini workout and "0" from the second..
putting "40" together with the conrer numbers 8-3-6-1 would give you the next winning number also
4-0-3 in box form!

Said enough!!!!!!!!!!