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Lottterypost Pick 5 Wheels Question

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May 24, 2006
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Posted: January 14, 2007, 7:46 pm - IP Logged

Fellow Forum Members,

I am seriously studying the LotteryPost Pick 5 Wheels available in the link below:


The one wheel that interests me the most is the one shown below:


Key 4 if 4 of 15    15      4 if 4      91    Highly balanced (Each non-Key number appears 26 times)


I know that a FULL WHEEL that allows one to pick 15 numbers in order to hit 4 numbers costs a total of $1,365.  In contrast, this wheel costs $91 to play but yet gives one the ability to pick 15 numbers. This means that a total of 1,274 combinations are being eliminated if I were to use this $91 wheel to play a 4/44+1/22 game where I'm picking a key number as my fifth ball.  What I'm finding perplexing is how is this wheel cutting the fat? In other words how are the 1,274 combinations being eliminated? A big chunk of possible combinations is being thrown out and my concern is that one of them might be the winning combination. Are the 91 combinations left the highest frequencey ones? Moreover,  is there any documented win of anyone hitting the first prize by using a highly balanced wheel?  I'm really wondering how much your odds are improving by using a highly balanced wheel?

Lastly,  is the order on how the numbers are entered important? If I enter my favorite 15 numbers in slots 1 through 15 in ascending order, and then do it again by entering the same 15 favorite numbers in random order into the 15 slots I have noticed the resulting combinations are different. Therefore, what is the best way to enter ones favorite numbers into the slots in order to get the best possible edge for generaing the best possible combinations?  Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Posted: January 14, 2007, 9:34 pm - IP Logged

    Your questions are really just generic wheels questions. I'd recommend getting a good book on the subject.


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      Posted: January 15, 2007, 2:25 am - IP Logged

      These are both full wheels so the loading order doesn't matter because every possible combination is covered fully by the 5if5 and conditionally by the 4if4+key wheel.  Lower tier prizes would be fewer with the key wheel because fewer combinations are possible or necessary for the jackpot.