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New Pick 3 Contest Coming Soon!!

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 11 years ago by lottolaughs.

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Posted: February 6, 2007, 6:15 am - IP Logged

I'll be sponsoring a Pick 3 straight contest soon in the Pick 3 forum.

All are welcome to participate, ESPECIALLY standard members.

The rules are simple.

Post one pick in the thread called "Straight to Platinum Contest" and if your pick is

an exact match you will win one month's Platinum Membership here at Lottery Post.

I'll choose the state each day of the contest.

Once we have three winners, my sponsorshiip of the contest will end and if another member

would like to continue the contest, that is totally up to that individual.

Be on the lookout in the Pick 3 forum.

Todd will pin the thread to the top of the forum so that it doesn't get buried on page 18 two hours later.  <<< you know that's right! Thud

In the event that more than three winners occur within the same day, the first three winners posting times will be ruled as the winners and those thereafter will not get much more than a funky banana dance >>>Banana

Stay tuned and Good Luck!

P.S. I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to emilyg for making this contest possible.

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    Posted: February 6, 2007, 8:54 am - IP Logged

    What a cute idea! Thanks Steve and Emily for thinking this up! Sounds fun!