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LOttery all around us: We are all winners..

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: February 19, 2007, 12:50 pm - IP Logged

I am writing this post to let everyone know that we are all special..We all beat the astronomical odds three times, i am talking odds like 1 in several hundred billions or trillions...First i'll like to say that i believe in evolution but with the touch of God..The first astronomical odd that we beat is that there is billions of starts with perhaps planet on them. And it looks like this planet is the only habitable planet in the universe (i know we don't know that, but i am trying to prove a point, and even if it wasn't we are still precious) This planet hovers alone in the universe..Do you know the odds of a planet been habitable for life in the universe? Astronomical...Second, the way how life arouse on this planet..I believe God created man from dust the way it is in the bible, but i believe it was cosmic dust, i mean you don't know the mind of God or how He thinks. The bible says that "to God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like one day" not to mention that God is as patient as anything can be (more patient than a rock) (and not to say that God couldn't created us from Earth's Dust/dirt, He is Almighty, we couldn't see him if we wanted to see him, even angels have to cover their bodies to be near God)...So what i am saying is that we beat the odds again by been created as humans, he didn't created us as animals..You and I are perhaps the ONLY INTELLIGENT beens in the universe...The odds of that happening, again are vastly astronomical...The third odd we overcame is by been conceive by our mothers and dads...Do you know how many ovums are in a woman?Do you know how many sperms are in a man (i think they are replace every so often)....If a different (for males) sperm had entered your mother's ovum you would wouldn't look the same and you wouldn't have been the same, it would have been a different person who would have thought differently (i forgot how conception is done), and if your mother (for females) had released a different ovum (i am assuming we are all adults here) or had had intercourse on a different date (same applies to males) you wouldn't have been born, you would have looked different, and it wouldn't have been the same you it would have been a different you...Do you know the odds of "you" been selected to be born? I say is in the Pentatillion...So please don't feel bad when you don't win the lottery, because you are already a VAST ASTRONOMICAL ODD winner...YOu are very precious on this earth and precious to God...We are all "PRECIOUS"...You beat any Powerball Odds and if they make a Global lottery you beat those Odds too: We are all lottery winners...