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mercury retro observation

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Posted: February 21, 2007, 8:51 pm - IP Logged

 Some people born with a retro mercury, or stationary mercury  (when it gets ready turn one way or the other) . I have noticed they  do quite well during  the retrograde period when the rest of us have so many frustrations. 

My sister was born with a stationery mercury. She goes to bingo and wins the jackpot the day or day before it turns.  OK, not always  the jackpot, often several small wins.  She does well.

Anyway.. it does give you an edge to know what mercury was doing the day you were born.

There are many articles online about  mercury rx and  free chart calculations.. I can do a few  if anyone in the US wants to know about theirs at birth. I would need date- mo/day/year, city & state, and time if you have it.  Private that info to me if you like. I volunteer to do 10, then stop.

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