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Deepest sympathy for Bob (Bluegrass)

Topic closed. 82 replies. Last post 10 years ago by LOTTOMIKE.

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November 9, 2001
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Posted: March 6, 2007, 1:50 pm - IP Logged

For those of you that have emailed me - Barb's obit can be viewed at The Courier-Journal Obituary Page  (Ledford, Barbara.

love to nibble those micey feet.



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    October 6, 2002
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    Posted: March 7, 2007, 2:54 pm - IP Logged

    My prayers go out to you and your family. May God continue to keep and embrace you and your family through this difficult time.

    Ga Counselor-Athens, Ga


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      December 25, 2005
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      Posted: March 8, 2007, 6:49 pm - IP Logged

      May the Love Barb and all the family shared Continue to Saturate and Renew All of You Daily

      Rest for ONLY Just A Spell Barb...In the Deepest Peace.

      Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains.  ~Kahlil Gibran

      Our 2nd class in Pick 3 Lore was Space-Timing The Next Draw and we found the Lottery LoreKeeper, Tatiana, staring through her telescope, while we covertly giggled about what does Planet X have to do with what my next draw is? The sleuthy sage quietly intoned, "It is known that when the light(information) from such a distant object reaches our eyes, we are seeing the object as it was in the past & not as it appears Now in the present. Isn't this true for all things, especially numbers, that were drawn years, months, weeks or even just a day in the past? To accurately find the next draw, use the Law of Now(Tatiana's Pillar)". We never giggled again.

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        July 7, 2006
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        Posted: March 8, 2007, 7:21 pm - IP Logged

        I am so very very sorry for your loss.  Just got the news.  My deepest sympathy for you Bluegrass.

                          Flowers                           Flowers                           Flowers 



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          August 24, 2006
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          Posted: March 8, 2007, 8:52 pm - IP Logged

          You are in my prayers Bob . keep the faith the good Lord is with you each and everyday and all your family here at LP will continue to pray for you and your family.!!

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            April 21, 2004
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            Posted: March 8, 2007, 9:08 pm - IP Logged

            I want to extend my condolences to you Bob and your family I know how you feel I lost my grandmother (92 years old)  january 1,07 and I am still saddened.

            I hope the Lord will strenghten you and your family during this time.Big Grin Angel

            True friendship never ends


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              January 1, 2006
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              Posted: March 8, 2007, 9:41 pm - IP Logged

              sorry, may god have mercey on her soul..amen

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                October 15, 2004
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                Posted: March 9, 2007, 4:34 am - IP Logged

                you are in our prayers bob.here anytime you need anything.amen