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At what jackpot amount would you consider "sharing" the wealth?

Topic closed. 36 replies. Last post 10 years ago by LOTTOMIKE.

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Posted: March 6, 2007, 6:15 pm - IP Logged

I must have missed the posts where people were saying they wouldn't help their family in time of disaster.  That would be incredibly small and mean.  Can you point me to those posts?

You can search all over LP for them.  Someone doesn't have to specifically say "I won't help people in times of illness and disaster" but saying "I'm not helping people until I have $XX" or "I don't plan to tell my family I won" or "I'll never give one dime to my family" sounds like the same thing to me.  Someone is either a generous person or he isn't. 

I was going to answer Guesser's last comment and respond to MegaWinner's "Ferrari Money" comment but I've already written way too much. I don't know why someone would think that just because a person has $175,000 to spend on a car, he wouldn't care about spending another $75,000. People care about the price of things at any income level. 

This whole debate is silly.

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    Posted: March 6, 2007, 7:13 pm - IP Logged

    i have always had a figure in my head. I know it is dreaming, but the question was asked and this is what i have always said to my wife ( even tho she would want to keep it all..LOL ). That if the jacpot were to exceed $200M, we would keep half and give the rest to be split between family and friends. At first she questioned me about this, and I said "well, if we have all this money and no one to party with....what good is it!! And besides we would be able to enrich other people lives"....even tho some may think this discussion is somewhat silly, and it may be, you do have to at least consider what you would do with that kind of wealth! After all...who wants to be the next Jack Whittaker!!!


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    Just walk beside me and be my friend.

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      March 6, 2007
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      Posted: March 6, 2007, 7:17 pm - IP Logged

      When i win tonights Mega Millions, I plan on using twenty million to satisfy everyone in my family handsomely. Then I plan on spending about 15 million helping out several prepicked charities, and good  causes. Finally I wil let my wife lay claim to 50% of what is left. and definately put enough in investments to secure generational wealth.

      I have many friends I will also surprise with an auto, or payoff of their mortgage something real cool. (Major Lacey)

      Hope I win to end my physical struggles in construction. as well as seasonal employment.

      I have preformatted my wishes initially, subject to change of course!Group Hug  Play to win!

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        Posted: March 6, 2007, 7:27 pm - IP Logged

        There is a post somewhere here on lottery post. It goes some what like this.

        The guy won a bunch of money in the lottery. He called all the friends or people he could think of. He told them he needed a couple thou real quick for an emergency of some sort.

        Only one person came thru with the couple thou.
        That is who he shared some of his wealth with.

        I think I would do the same.


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          March 3, 2007
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          Posted: March 6, 2007, 9:12 pm - IP Logged

          There is a post somewhere here on lottery post. It goes some what like this.

          The guy won a bunch of money in the lottery. He called all the friends or people he could think of. He told them he needed a couple thou real quick for an emergency of some sort.

          Only one person came thru with the couple thou.
          That is who he shared some of his wealth with.

          I think I would do the same.

          I like that idea lol!  And Justxploring, if a family member or close friend (one of my 12 that I will share with anyway) went through a natural disaster, I would help them out as best as I could.  Maybe let them stay with me rent/bill free till they got back on their feet (if I only won a $4.5 mill jackpot), I just wouldn't give them any money.  Now if something happened to one of my 12 after today, of course I would help them a little more than I already planned. 

          I plan on keeping $90 mill of tonights jackpot and give away $76 to my 12.  But they won't get their share until 2011 when there is no estate/gift tax.  I refuse to give the IRS anymore than I have to.


          But back to the point, I do have a threshold of what I would give away to my 12 if I won.  If I had the $4.5 mill, thats not enough to go around.  They are going to want more than I want to give them and i'd never hear the end of it.  So I would definitley have to move right away. 

          You can sound as "moral" as you want and thats your choice.  I have a plan and I will stick to it. 

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            December 11, 2003
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            Posted: March 30, 2007, 12:42 am - IP Logged

              The debate is not silly at all, since many have had to deal with the reality of the situation in the past, and it's good to guage the results against your personality type to see what might possibly become of you under different circumstances that you may find yourself in, or may exercise to follow.

               If the winner is traditionally greedy, selfish, ignorant, stupid, adulterous, murderous or demonstrates addictive or compulsive/impulsive behaviour...Then that winner will aspire and simply gravitate to become a notorious " RICH " greedy, selfish, ignorant, stupid, adulterous, murderous, addictive or compulsive/impulsive, misbehavioural personality, and may probably proceed to cause much harm to others he comes into contact with by abusing their new-found wealth.

              Being generous can become dangerous when you cast your jewels to the swine. It's best to tune your sense of smell and make sure you eat sausage to keep the swine at bay...It is fitting to better yourself immediately and learn how to invest wisely if there is such a thing anymore, and it is fitting to become wise in ways that shield you from the human nature that would sucker your win away from you.

              Giving away money can and will cause much distortion in the lives you influence, and can even enable them to do much harm after they deviate from their normal habits. Do you really think that you want to be that hero? You best be prepared to become an unsung hero, then...anonymously...right after you learn how to take care of your own affairs first. The cursing can't be directed at you if you are an anonymous donor. 

              Buying that ticket was your own fantasy...not everyone else's. They can buy their own tickets too and maybe become lucky enough to distort reality, much like a drug user does. If one feels there will be a problem if and when they win the lottery, then don't play. If you're merely buying tickets to win so that you can be a hero and give it away to make things better for everyone else, I think you're in for the shock of your life...The deed will come back around to bite you in the a$$.


            P.S.  I'm a " realist ". It's not easy to get by matters at hand when you can really see things the way they really are, and retain enough logic to calculate what might possibly happen next when certain variables are tampered with.

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              Posted: March 30, 2007, 1:00 am - IP Logged
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