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The Lottery Dream

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January 23, 2007
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Posted: March 6, 2007, 3:36 pm - IP Logged

Here is a message I found on another forum. It was posted by one of my paranoid friends who said I could repost it here.


I dreamed three times last month that I won some money in the Ca. lottery draw.From past experience I know if I dream something 3 times its an absolute.

Me being a Virgo,and after reading *****'s forecast for Virgo's (not being a good time for us) I told my hubby he needed to buy the ticket.He pretty much ignored my nagging him about it for a couple weeks then to shut me up he bought a ticket for Saturdays drawing. Now heres the thing the lottery top prize was 52 Million dollars I got all the numbers but one and I won $1501.00 just enough to pay off my new computer.Which is great but was it the stars that kept me from 52 Million?  Do you call this good luck or bad luck?(lol) One things for sure its probably the closest I'll ever get to 52 Million bucks,One number so close but yet so far.


My question was simple. If your dream said YOU won the money, why did you send your husband to get the ticket. Technically he won and that is not what you dreamed.

She replied back that her astrologer told her that this is bad time for her and she should not leave the house until April.

Like I said, she's paranoid.