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PRE-TEST Results

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Should pre-test results a drawing be used to help pick numbers?

YES [ 2 ]  [22.22%]
NO [ 4 ]  [44.44%]
SURE, BUT... [ 3 ]  [33.33%]
NOT REALLY, EXCEPT... [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
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June 7, 2003
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Posted: March 13, 2007, 11:50 am - IP Logged

I'm wondering if anyone else has considered or is actually using the pre-test results of one drawing to help them pick the numbers for the next drawing.  If the pre-test results were posted far enough in advance, then they might be used to help pick the numbers for that drawing.  It seems like those pre-tests would sometimes include your pick for that drawing.  I know it's happened to me.  It has helped me spot pairs, ones that are due both with and without considering the pre-tests.  But if they come up during the pre-tests it throws any predictions out the window with regards to a possible winner in the real drawing. 

It also seems that those pre-tests can be used by the Lottery to throw off those of us trying to predict the next winner by, again, picking numbers that we might have chosen but not giving us enough time to use them to chose the next.

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    Posted: March 13, 2007, 11:59 am - IP Logged

    Noticed some members posting pretests

    How are they obtained/done?

    Texas Pick 3 12/26/12/30

    the texas lottery website shows 4 pretests for last nite--they are required by law or administrative rule to conduct at least 4 to test the machines and balls


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      March 4, 2006
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      Posted: March 13, 2007, 12:03 pm - IP Logged

      Sure, but... These results are not available in most states.

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        March 3, 2006
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        Posted: March 13, 2007, 12:13 pm - IP Logged

        IF THEY ARE AVAILABLE....absolutely count them!!!!!!!!ABSOLUTELY COUNT THEM!!!!!

        if you dont count them then what you were looking for probably showed in the pretest and you probably will not get that combination again for a while..if you can find your states pre-test by all means factor them in your workouts..if you cant get them..I would REALLY push your states lottery to make those numbers public..BECAUSE THEY MESS UP..OR CAUSE GAPS in the order of arrangment of the numbers..which may be their hidden purpose behind that little trick..to keep anyone from obtaining a numerical advantage by tracking of the numbers..so in my opinion..YES YOU NEED them if you can get them..if you cant get them then you will have to make do with out them..

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