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Date Specific Dream

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Posted: March 24, 2007, 9:37 am - IP Logged

Date specific Dream

I had a dream about something but could only remember the date.

It was a specific date minus the year very vividly.

Example Friday October the 7th (this is not the real date)


So I thought I will buy some lotto tickets in a couple of states on that date.

Well nothing happened. Not one number.

The reason I even brought this up is because of what 2 people told one of my brothers.

(Psychics / Prophet's) not sure what to call them?Blue AngelBig Grin Angel

While he was in a hospital waiting room they told him a list of things that would happened in his life.

Including some things right then he was thinking of (he said it really blew his mind as how they knew what he was thinking.)

He asked them what kind people or religion they where.

They said that they did not belong to any denomination and that they ministered to people on the street.

They would do a lot of prayer and fasting. (they told him)LoviesLovies

This was about 4 years ago.

About 70% of what they told him have come to pass now. Kinda weird to me.

Any who what really caught my attention is

One of the things they told him was.

One of his siblings would come into a lot of wealth. (They never specified which one or how the wealth would come about.)


I thought how weird because I had just recently started playing jackpot games with some co workers in a lotto pool. (I had not told anyone in the family)

We would take turns going to the adjacent state an pick up some lotto tickets for the pool at work.

At the time Tennessee did not have a lottery.

Back to the dream about the date it was about 1 ½ years ago.

Nothing happened on that date a little while back but it will repeat itself again in a few years.

Think the dream on the date is just a fluke or something could really happen?  Sleep

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