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Could Knowing what's going to play next drive you crazy..

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: March 26, 2007, 4:53 pm - IP Logged

(i am briging this subject because no one has brought it up)...Could knowing what's going to play on each of the lottery draw drive you crazy (i am talking pick5 and above)...It happened to me...( i don't know if i stumbled on something but it drove me crazy)...Read the story... 

I once, like 6 years ago, i won twice the Virginia's Cash5, but on paper (meaning theoretically)...I didn't play the numbers because i didn't live in Va...Those days, I would say to myself "this is what's going to play" and i will wait the next day for the results (i was using Lottery Director back then, the free one)...And i matched it twice and i think it was on the same week...I don't know how i did it, i didn't replicated it again but i think i could have if i wanted, for i created a very smart wheel but the problem was that it took a lot of combinations and it was only for Va's Cash5 (the one for 25 cents that pays 25K) (But you couldn't construct that wheel again because Lottery Director is not the same software it used to be)....And almost 1 and 1/2 to 2 years later i was experimenting with Fla's pick3 & Keno...Up to this day i question myself how i did it....With Fla's pick3 i would take the difference between the previous draws and what would play and the difference will give me what will play next...And EVERYTIME I did this experiment, i WILL sucessfully predict what was going to play STRAIGHT and not boxed...Not only will i take the difference between the previous number and what play, but i will subtract in a "T" form and a "L" form and i WILL get the numbers correct "STRAIGHT" and not box...i was able to do this for like 2 weeks, and i later abandoned the experiment...This experiments will make me crazy, they will speed my mind and make me extremely paranoid and i was going crazy:the movie "A beautiful mind" is a good example of what was happening to me....And then like 3 months later i did experiments with keno...back then i didn't know how to play keno...I thought you had to match 20 numbers....I don't know what i did, I think i took the previous draw and subtracted the numbers as if it was from right to left and not left to right...The thing was that i predicted one time 17 numbers of the 20 numbers that play for Keno...And you only needed 10....I don't know what keno it was....But after that strained period i went crazy...And i really mean i went crazy, for i check in on a psychiatric institution and they diagnos me with a condition....Up to this day i question how i did what i did....It was during that time that i was able to contemplate the most beautiful woman i've seen in my life and perhaps this world, named "Laura Simpson"...She work in the Navy Federal Credit Union in Great Lakes, Illinois....

And during this time, like my ear would get so jittery (sort of ed) and i would i heard stuff i shouldn't hear and saw things i shouldn't see (nothing bad, but detrimental to me)....And i would ask myself "what are the odds that i would hear this word or see certain things".....A movie that resembles what i experience was the movie "the Event Horizon", where people will experience things so detrimental that they will go crazy....And i did went crazy...And like 2 months later after i checked in into the psychiatric evaluation (i was evaluated but wasn't taking medication until 1 month later), i was doing experiment with pick6 and i was looking at what i call "numbers foot print"....Where each number will be like a different foot print and the foot print will jump from draw to draw...And this experiment made me more crazy & paranoid...All this happened in the military, and i was later but in jail for 3 months for fighting with a guy (and that made me even more crazy...) (the paranoia drove me to fight with a shipmate)....

When i think about that stuff sometimes, it troubles my mind...

And i was thinking to myself if an Einstein-Thinking mathematician or statistician, or genius physicist or whoever, a genius found a way to crack the lotto or a way to know what's going to play most of the time (not all the time) Could the knowledge of knowing what's going to play drive you crazy, paranoid, or drive you to mental instability? Specifically jackpot games...I mean you could end up talking to yourself in your house/room, paranoid of everyone, trying to pretend you don't know nothing in front of people, and trying to live a normal life, etc...Specially if no one not even your family knows about it, only you.......You will be like "i have millions of dollars in my power" or you will be like "I can rob a bank without robbing a bank"LOL...

What do you all think...?




"Laura Simpson from Navy Federal Credit Union in Great Lakes, Illinois deserves to be rich..."          "She is so rare....."