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When does a lottery game become a legal scam?

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Posted: April 2, 2007, 12:32 am - IP Logged


When the lottery was implemented in Texas, the main lotto game was pick 6 of 50. The game later was changed to pick 6/54. Still later, the game was changed to pick 5/44 and 1/44.

After MegaMillions was implemented, the lotto game was changed to pick 6 of 54. Regardless of sales, the jackpot begins at $4 million and rolls until won.

The public was not happy with the changes and only about 3 million tickets are sold each draw. This means about 23 million combinations are not being sold.

As result, the lotto jackpot has gone 40 repeat 40 drawings without a winner. Not even big jackpots, such as the current $72 million, is attracting additional players. The TLC is getting a lot of middle fingers pointing skyward.

The lottery commission is aware of poor sales. They, of course, can't or won't admit that they made a mistake when they went back to 6/54. The players weren't happy and many vowed not to play the game.

A pick 6/42 would probably have been a better choice.

The TLC is apparently happy with the games' poor performance. They are getting their share of sales.

Personally, I think the TLC is running a legal scam.

What do you think?

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    Posted: April 2, 2007, 12:39 am - IP Logged

    If it's a scam then it's not legal (sanction by the government).

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      Posted: April 2, 2007, 1:29 am - IP Logged

      Assuming the drawings are twice a week, it sounds to me like Texas has a game that brings in about $150 million in annual revenue, and right now they're offering somebody the chance to net nearly $28 million after taxes for only a buck. Texans apparently don't spend $3 million on MM tickets until the advertised jackpot gets to $125 million or more,so I don't see why they shouldn't be perfectly happy with the game they've got.

      The lottery sells tickets in exchange for money, and anyone who gets certain matches wins the specified prize. Have they failed to pay a prize when somebody got a match that is supposed to pay a prize, or done something else to cheat people out of their money? I think you don't understand what a scam is.

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        Posted: April 2, 2007, 6:52 pm - IP Logged

        I don't know if any government run game is paying close attention to sales. In WA state sales for Mega doesn't start going up until the pot breaks 150 million or more. We still have the same crummy 6/49 game with very small jackpots.

        I'd rather see a larger pacific northwest game including Idaho and Oregon then our anemic Lotto. They recently lowered the odds on our pick 5 game. It was a  5/52 game with decent jackpots and now is a 5/39 game no one buys.


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          Posted: April 4, 2007, 8:39 pm - IP Logged

          a- When they raise the price of a lottery ticket to $2.00.

          b- When they expand the number field while lowering lower-tiered prizes.

          c- When they enlist a grass roots marketing machine to get everyone excited over a jackpot of    $10,000.

          d- All of the above!