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Dream come true...

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: May 15, 2007, 10:52 pm - IP Logged

Sunday, I dreamed with my dad & my brother and i couldn't remember what the dream was about...I told my stepmother and  she told me that their repective birthday were 29 & 13...Well in my country of origin, Panama they play a pick4 but there are 3 draws and you must match it straight...YOu get something if you match the last 2 or the last 3, and the first draw pays more than the second draw and the second draw pays more than the third draw...I bouth 2 tickets ending in 29 because they didn't have 13 and i won..I only won like 4 bucks because it was the second or third draw...But at least the dream came true...Is not very often that it happens...The lottery plays twice a week, on sundays and on wednesday..And that's the only lottery Panama has...It has another similar but it plays once a month...