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My computer crashed

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 10 years ago by Littleoldlady.

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United States
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December 20, 2000
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Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:23 pm - IP Logged

Last night my computer crashed and I lost all my files and data...I'm so sick right now about losing everything that I can hardly think straight !!

I'm not going to be posting for awhile until I can restructure my systems and get my computer up and running again the way it should...Please bear with me and I'll be back posting soon I hope...

I'm presently posting on my wife's computer but she doesn't have any of my files...

Good Luck Lep

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    United States
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    January 3, 2004
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    Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:31 pm - IP Logged

    Got a Kitchen paper filled

    with my notes..My system

    crashed so many times

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      Norfolk , Va
      United States
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      May 2, 2004
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      Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:32 pm - IP Logged

      Thanks for the update Lucky. I hope you get your files back and everything works out for you. I'm sure everyone will be wishing you the best.  Good Luck .  Blackie.


       Good Luck,


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        United States
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        July 24, 2005
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        Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:38 pm - IP Logged

        Lucky i was just talking about you in the Thread,you must have ESP,i am glad to here you are not sick but i do hope your computer gets fixed,Tell the family Hello for me,your friend Delores

          United States
          Member #9579
          December 12, 2004
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          Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:44 pm - IP Logged

          lucky,guess we've all had that happen,without backing up.i went to bestbuy got a 100 gigabyte.

            chippie's avatar - Lottery-064.jpg

            Member #31284
            January 27, 2006
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            Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:44 pm - IP Logged

            I am so sorry to hear this.

              Jani Norman's avatar - fiftyways
              United States
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              March 27, 2004
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              Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:49 pm - IP Logged

              take some deep breathes, and take your time, will be here waiting for you...so sorry that it happened to you....

              "I am what I am by the grace of God."



                LAVERNE MALONEY's avatar - smallgirl

                United States
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                August 5, 2003
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                Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:49 pm - IP Logged

                Lucky I'm so sorry to hear that.

                I bring to you a soothing comfort that you will be able to regroup your mind & your files. I know the feeling. 

                A few detectives have told me that even if a computer crashes, that the files perhaps are stored somewhere on the hard drive.

                & who knows in this reconstructive phase, you may make another discovery concerning #s.   

                  buckike's avatar - Lottery-027.jpg
                  United States
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                  January 2, 2006
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                  Posted: May 25, 2007, 2:50 pm - IP Logged

                  i hope you're up and runing soon.

                  When we lay off the lottery will pay off

                    cnchsound's avatar - scenery water_mountains.jpg
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                    November 4, 2005
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                    Posted: May 25, 2007, 3:05 pm - IP Logged

                      take your time best wishes


                    To be loved, be lovable.            Ovid.

                      ToJo76*'s avatar - lottolion2
                      Middle GA
                      United States
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                      July 9, 2006
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                      Posted: May 25, 2007, 3:24 pm - IP Logged

                      I'm so sorry to hear this Lucky.  Take it easy and hopefully you will be up and running soon.

                      Happily embracing my abundance daily! Big Smile

                        Sunny California
                        United States
                        Member #40295
                        May 31, 2006
                        7712 Posts
                        Posted: May 25, 2007, 3:25 pm - IP Logged

                                OMG! I felt sick when I read that. Hope all is not lost. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you,Lucky!

                          United States
                          Member #9579
                          December 12, 2004
                          2121 Posts
                          Posted: May 25, 2007, 4:11 pm - IP Logged

                          yes lucky,just type (crashed hard drive recovery) into your search,and you'll find all sorts of kits,people up to $299.00 to help you.

                            stavros's avatar - avatar 6898.gif
                            United States
                            Member #6147
                            August 8, 2004
                            1396 Posts
                            Posted: May 25, 2007, 4:17 pm - IP Logged

                            Lucky.....so sorry to hear of your crash.  My business computer crashed several years ago and with it went all of my files, financial data, etc.  What a mess!  I sent the hard drive out to see if anything could be restored, but it was a total loss.  Check out companies in your area that specialize in restoring data and see if they can assist you.  Best of luck!

                            Good Luck!



                              Ms5PennieGen's avatar - aeonflux
                              United States
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                              July 23, 2004
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                              Posted: May 25, 2007, 4:42 pm - IP Logged

                              Lucky, I know the frustration of being without one's own computer. I hope you are up and running soon. Good luck$

                              Your present situation is not your final destination!
                              Good luck...5pennies Dance