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When Half the LDR Sums are missing then what?

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Posted: May 31, 2007, 11:50 am - IP Logged

   Say for example, that the top 5 Sums are all missing for several days. Well,  thats no big deal right? Now, think about this for a second.

  5 Sums  3,8,6,2, and 0  are all missing at the same time. Sum 3 for 45 days and so going all the way down to the last Sum 0 which is only missing for 7 days we conclude with this.  

  None of the 5 sums in this group have hit in at least 7 days and so that's Half of the 1000 chart or 50% of the LDR sums right?

  Chances are we could improve our plays and save money by only playing selections from these missing sums at this point on.  

  Now, at what point in time is best to start? That's what we should look at. Should we look at the total amount of draws missing for the group of 5 all together or wait until the least hitting Sum reaches 7 or 8 or 9 draws out? Etc.  Like the example above.