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The probability of rollovers in MM and PB.

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Posted: June 9, 2007, 4:47 pm - IP Logged
Prize Values
MegaMillions Cash Value$19,200,000
MegaMillions Annuity Value$32,000,000
Powerball Cash Value$20,100,000
Powerball Annuity Value$43,000,000
Type of OutcomeProbability
Powerball Rolls.89.11%
Megamillions Rolls91.26%
Both Roll81.32%
Powerball Rolls, MM won7.79%
MM Rolls, Powerball won.9.94%
Both won.0.95%
Either, but not both, won17.73%
Type of Outcome Calculated From Mathematical Models of Jackpot Behavior on current run
MM exceeds 100M annuity45.99%
MM exceeds 200M annuity15.31%
MM exceeds 300M annuity3.75%
PB exceeds 100M annuity65.54%
PB exceeds 200M annuity26.64%
PB exceeds 300M annuity7.54%
Neither exceeds 300M annuity88.99%
Either exceeds 300M11.29%
Both exceed 300M0.28%
Expectation Value TypeValue
Pretax Powerball cash basis0.393
Pretax Megamillions cash basis0.289