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scratching my way there latly

Topic closed. 2 replies. Last post 9 years ago by Cr4zyH0rs3.

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January 13, 2005
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Posted: June 9, 2007, 9:47 pm - IP Logged

being a creature of habit when i get my pick 5 or 6 tickets for the night I alway pick up -1 -and only 1 2$ scratcher for giggles  but I hav'nt been laughing these little buggers have been paying!!  not a lot but enough 20$ here 40$  there 100$ over there plenty of 2 and 4$ hits must be on a good timing spree............... buying 1 and not getting another till the next day givin time for the losers to get bought up seems to be the way latlly  not rushing in to get another is the way to go  DISAPLINE is the key to scratch tickets  I also try to get the same ticket type  seems to be working got 2 free rides this week alone Hat

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    Posted: June 10, 2007, 5:05 pm - IP Logged

    <Moved to Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games forum>

    Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.


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      May 29, 2007
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      Posted: June 12, 2007, 4:12 pm - IP Logged

      I been on a down end of those tickets Cod, I truly think these tickets are a scam some times.

      Watch for Set for Life tickets and 5 mill Jackpot those are the most obvious all.