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what games do you play and in what countries

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 9 years ago by Big Hitter.

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June 20, 2007
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Posted: June 21, 2007, 2:07 am - IP Logged

hi guys

its is lovely to meet you all i am very new to forums but i am enjoying the advice and comments made at this site. i was interested in finding out which games you play arround the world, the one i play is through a club with great odds and for a very small cost, pluss i also earn money from the club as a part time income. so i just wanted to do my home work and find out what you guys like to play etc and from where you all play. look forward to reading your post. the one i am in is available in 150 countries around the world which is why i am curious of where most of you guys come from.

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    Posted: June 23, 2007, 1:17 pm - IP Logged

    Most of the activity on this site seems to be from the USA. I have seen activity from Europe, South America, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bahamas, China and several other places. I don't think that member locations are tracked publically. My main focus is the Jackpot games, Mega Millions (USA) in particular. The most active forum is the Pick 3 forum which is played in USA and Canada. Good luck.

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