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Gap Theory

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Posted: July 29, 2007, 7:17 pm - IP Logged

Welcome to LP cosmocos,

You will probably get an answer to your Excel question if you post it in the Mathematics forum. 

 Welcome to LP cosmocos,

I agree with LottoChica. Try posting anymore questions in the Math Forum.

Here is what I would do.

Put these formulas in to separate the # 5513 into separate cells and then drag formulas down entire list of numbers.

    A      B             C                             D                               E                          F


5513 =INT(A1/1000)=INT((A1-(C1*1000))/100)=INT((A1-((C1*1000)+( D1*100)))/10)=INT((A1-((C1*1000)+(D1*100)+(E1*10)/1)))


This will give you the following


5513          551     3


Then use these formulas IN cells H1,I1,J1,K1 AND drag down entire list of numbers

          H                  I                    J                    K




This will give you the following,


 H  I  J  K


Then if you want all 4 #'s back together in 1 cell, use this formula in Cell M1 and drag down list of numbers.


This will give you



You can then highlight Columns C,D,E,F,H,I,J,K and drag them off to the right side of the sheet out of the way and drag Column M over to Column C or  move or leave the Columns as you see fit to do.

Hope this is helpful...Bud                             

Sorry, the Column letters don't quite line up in the post.


Isabel, you are going to feel very silly when this turns out to be make-believe.