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Ny Pick 3

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May 13, 2007
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Posted: July 7, 2007, 8:49 pm - IP Logged

The 863 comes from the 5 4 digit picks.Next week i will have a mechanical 6 digit box.In small testing there have been 4.5 hits per week.Also there will be 12-17 box numbers,with one hit a week except for one week.There will be a few of these 2-6,that will be the best bets,a few more a good chance to have 2 of the digits.Again it is a test and we will have the 5 four digit picks..........I will be looking for another wheel or 2,with eyes on the 6-8 and 6-0.I can tell you we will be visiting the 0-5 area or the 6 will be thrown in there,i think it is sleepy time for the 5.We have seen too much of the high digits and off the top of my head it has been that way around the country.Of course you cant force things but you only need one hit.Todays 674 was an example of the middle of the wheel of digits hitting.A few drawings ago we had the top of the wheel-7-8-9-0-1-2 come into.Lets examine the 6 which looks to be a hitter in the next few eeks.It has come in with 7-4-6-3-9-8-5-2...The 0 another hitter i reason to come has hit with the 7-3-2-7-5-8-3-.The 0 has been cold with 3 hits in 18 drawings.Common digits 7-3-2-5-8 between them.The 1 has been the lonliest of them all.1 hit lately 129.before that was was 7-3-0.See the 1-2 next was 7-0-2..9,0,01,2,2.See the digits that surround the 1.Later we had 9-9-7 then 1-5-9,then 1-8-8.9s around the 1.I see a great chance of my 0-1-2.A wheel i had chased 3-2 i had to stop but its coming and i will make use of it.We are due consecutive digits of the 3 in a row,as well as 2 consecutives.Look back the last few months around this time and see the 1-0-2-3 and 7.Numbers will come in like the doubles 8s and 9s do around the end of the month.SO i will knock off the last group of 6 digits and give out a new set for a few days,just keeping up with the progression, by using 0-1-2-3-6-7..........As it stand now the six digit mecahnical method will have 3-2-1 as one of its box numbers as well as be part of the 6 digits,so if u desire bet the 3-2-1.I had the 3-4 screaming on charts but backed off because of a shift,but it will be back because there are charts showing.More tom. have a great sat nite and keep the hangover small