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Ny Pick 3

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May 13, 2007
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Posted: July 8, 2007, 7:20 pm - IP Logged

I just realized that my data of 7 days was due today,i was late last week because of the different sources.This is how numbers came in  8-9-4-7-6-2-3-5-0-1.The 8 was on the bottom last week and now on top.4 of the 5 top ones are high numbers with the 4 being a low.POWER ratings are 4-6-7-8-9-1-0-3-2-5.....With the 8 and 9 the digits that were hitting with them 4-6-3-1.Again we see the 3 and 4.This was a wheel that i hit with.The 6 digit mechanical is 102469.Again just watch and see if they match your numbers.I cant see how people can give out 50-60 numbers for the month.I am not a fan of totally following a bunch of numbers alreay made.I took numbers a person had posted and converted them into a chart 0-9.In otherwords a survey of how many time each digit showed up in their already made set of numbers.There were 3 digits that appeared the most in their picks and you can easily taken three that really were not there combined them and there were a bunch of hits.The game changes==============I gave out a 6 digit yesterday thinikng that i had a few more days beause i had posted my stuff on the 2nd not realizing that the data was different so cancel that unless you like it.as it has 4 of the 5 low numbers.Definitly th 0-5 box will hit this week if you want thator use the 5 low numers 0-4.. A digit to WATCH is the 2 for a few weeks.On the charts it has been in the middle of hits very dangerous,it is a lurker.It has been with the 6 lately.Above i posted the 8-9 with 4631.The 89 being the digits hot and the other 4 hitting with them...Today we had a double 6 so the 00 is close.The only problem is finding digits with it.If you are inclined to bet the 00 co digits might be 5-6-7.