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Lottery Groups and Pools

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June 15, 2007
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Posted: July 15, 2007, 3:20 am - IP Logged

I stay away from lottery groups and pools at work places, For one thing where I work now it's rather small and well some of the people don't play lottery for religious reasons. However I've always stayed away from them. Since I am playing in hopes of turbo charging my resources for my dreams not just getting a few extra bucks to pay off bills or buy a new car.

Thing with Lottery Groups and Pools is that if they are not done right they can get you into alot of trouble and if your group is really big and you win a smaller pot.....  well guess what you are not a Millionaire you simply have a few thousand extra dollars.... 

One lady from Maine who won on the same draw as David Edwards had some problems with her "lottery group" of co-workers when one of her PERSONAL tickets won on that draw.

It seems that her co-workers knew that she went into New Hampshire from Maine to buy Powerball Tickets weekly and when the pot got really big they asked her to have a pool with them and they would pay for some tickets for her to pick up on her weekly trip in. She agreed. She was smart though as she photo copied all the tickets that were for the group and all that were for herself and gave the groups photo copies to each member of the group.

However inspite of these precautions..... when she won with a Ticket that was in her Personal Group of Tickets the co-workers of the "Lottery Group" tried to sue her for "Their Share" of her winnings on the basis that she had entered into an agreement with them in regards to a lottery win.

Her attorney's got the case thrown out of court as being rediculas. Which in my opinion it was. If they had won that case then people would be able to claim they should get a share of anyone who had been in a "Lottery Group" with them winnings regardless if they put up money or not. I am sure this is not the only case like this.

That is why people need to be careful in regards to forming Lottery Groups or Pools are even buying tickets with others. Years later someone will try to come back and claim on your prize if you win.

There was also a lottery group of 100 people who one. Lucky for them they won when it was pretty big and each got about a Million..... however had they won when PB was say 15 Million they would have only got about 150000 before taxes.... sure 150000 can make a dent in some folks lives but when people think you won millions because of askew projections in their own mind of what it means to win the lottery well that could cause problems.  In some areas of the country 150000 is barely a downpayment on a single family home. 

Anyway if any of you are involved in Lottery Groups make sure you have your documentation done right.

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