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Lottery win by one of your relatives

Topic closed. 19 replies. Last post 10 years ago by Just6ntlc.

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Would one of your relatives share the wealth if they hit the big one ?

Yes [ 10 ]  [20.41%]
No [ 14 ]  [28.57%]
I really don't know [ 3 ]  [6.12%]
What relative ? [ 2 ]  [4.08%]
depends on which one [ 19 ]  [38.78%]
other-please explain [ 1 ]  [2.04%]
Total Valid Votes [ 49 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 0 ]  
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Florence, Alabama
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November 13, 2004
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Posted: July 24, 2007, 12:27 pm - IP Logged

I checked yes first then as I waited for the answer to process I seen "which relative". I wish I could change my vote because that is what I would have  chosen. I know with my immediate family my wife and mother would share, and my brother might share, but my sister is a definate NO!!!

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    Grand Rapids, Michigan
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    June 19, 2007
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    Posted: July 30, 2007, 7:34 pm - IP Logged

    Let's see...my mom and my sister would definitely share.  My dad I'm not so sure about.  My wife's mom would probably share but my wife's brother...oh don't get me started on him. 

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      United States
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      October 21, 2005
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      Posted: August 1, 2007, 1:09 am - IP Logged

      Definitely which one.  I had an Uncle that just boasted and boasted that if he won, he would NEVER tell 'cause everyone would pester him to death to share.  He said he would just keep quiet.  He had a "feeling" that he was going to win that Saturday's upcoming lottery and he even said, and I tell you what, 13 is one of the numbers.  I was really down and out, car in shop for repairs, no way to ride without pestring neighbors despite how much money you paid them and it was Christmas season.  Well, my Uncle did win, only a hundred dollars) and I gave him a set of money wrappers as a gift to wrap his big win in!  LOL!!!LOL.  His wife, on the other hand, would have shared a big win with family members in need, but somewhat grudgingly.  The rest-----------stingy, stingy for the most part.  A few generous, yet wise stweards, like me.Blue Angel

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        United States
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        March 30, 2005
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        Posted: August 1, 2007, 1:41 am - IP Logged

        judging from the poll results and written replies...

        we're all related to the same group of people

        Thinking of...

        We don't need a "meet & greet" ... a family reunion should just about cover it.

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          June 2, 2005
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          Posted: August 4, 2007, 2:23 am - IP Logged

          If I win a lotto jackpot, I would share with all of my family relatives as my vote.