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homeless guy dream

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 9 years ago by stavros.

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May 3, 2003
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Posted: July 31, 2007, 2:29 pm - IP Logged

I had a dream about this homeless guy who keep "bothering" me at the bus stop/transit center.  I should just call the Police to get him away from me.... but I don't.

I asked him who he was one time when he came up behind me & stood, trying to put his arm around me.  He told me "I am the one with you".... then desided he was going home with me & tried to put me on the wrong bus.... I was waiting for the #11, he was walking me to the #12.

Another time I was in the little store, near the bus stop playing some #'s... he came in & spoke to he, when I did not speak back to him, people in the store turned & looked at me.... I said I was not with him & that I did not know him.  He went & bought some beer.

O.K..... now here comes the dream.  In the dream I brought him home with me.  He was going to take care of me & love me.  He was in my kitchen & was going to feed me.  He took a paper napkin & opened it up & spread it out on the counter where I was sitting, then he went in the refrigorator & poured me a glass of milk. (I had a frig. FULL of food, & he "feeds me" just a glass of milk.  Then he waited a little bit & came over & stood with his arm around me.

Then I left for work.... he took the $ money I gave him & went out & got drunk.  He did not come back.  Then weeks later he was sitting out in front of my door waiting for me.

??? anyone see any numbers or meaning to this dream?Bed

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    August 8, 2004
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    Posted: July 31, 2007, 3:06 pm - IP Logged

    Homeless person = 698, 704

    Milk = 352, 922, 405, 33X

    Good Luck!