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Calling All LEOS, Fire Signs...

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Posted: August 9, 2007, 10:12 am - IP Logged

  I'm guilty of touting the need to follow astrological changes and have posted my tips on how to do so previously, so I will not reiterate here.  The wonderful thing is that you can look ahead at what's coming -- this is a tool, so use it already and learn how the planets help us.

      Anytime you have a conglomeration of planets in your Sun Sign, there is an opportunity for extraordinary luck.  We are about to see that with the Fire Signs.  It has already been a rousing good time for some of our Sag friends (and so not over yet), now the Leos have a momentary blink in time to see good fortune.  But there is more....

      Sliding into 08/11 thru 08/13 is the Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus all in Leo.  Jupiter and Pluto are also in Fire Sign, Sag.    (this month and last, if I could choose to switch signs, I'd have jump to Sag in a heartbeat).

      When I have multiple planets in Gemini, my "off-the-shelf" luck typically increases, i.e., scratch offs, QP Lotto/PB, and just luck in general.  However, I have also experienced wonderful luck with my routine play3-4 stuff as well.  My dreams of prophecy also increase during planetary line ups of the Twins.    A side note, if it is a winning time, it's obvious PDQ.  For instance, I might buy a single scratch off and know fairly quickly how things are going to go.  For some Leos, it will be business as usual.

        If I were a Leo, I'd just open my mind and welcome the possibilities.  My vedic Moon is Leo, so I'm curious how this will work for me.

        I would keep in mind that Mars is very active right now.    Now, you put those hot fire signs up there with Mars, the Red Hot Planet of all things aggression, and I'd say you were a speeding ticket looking for a place to happen.  Now factor in that a lot of the country is sweltering in 100+ heat - oh boy.  You have an advantage - you KNOW about the potential for trouble and therefore forewarned is forearmed.  It really is.  Put an icy soda in the car before you get going, leave a little early, turn on the tunes you love and love your fellow man just a little more right now.  Know that a lot of your fellow countrymen are suffering too.  Don't forget extra water for the critters.  I think an open and positive mind also brings good luck. 

     So, who will be the luckiest this month?  Way out on that limb I seek sometimes, I'm going to say that strictly sun-sign-wise, early month, especially around the 5-8, will be mighty lucky for some of our Aries and Sag Fire Sign Friends.    I think Leo's luck will  progressively increase especially towards the latter half of the month.  Again, this is sun-sign stuff only.    The 3-day Leo planetary line up is a separate thing altogether.

     Remember too that just because your sun sign is not a fire sign, this does not mean you don't have a fire sign prominently featured in your chart (hey, get a done chart already).    You may have a fire sign as a rising sign or prominently placed somewhere else and this may trigger the good luck for you too.  So much potential.  I hope you luck right into it!  Sun Smiley