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GaMidday had a Trip today...kinda sorta.

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Posted: August 14, 2007, 6:37 pm - IP Logged

  145, 056, 138, 148, 158,         078, 178, 124, 134, 045 


  Well.... Trips are over rated you know and what the heck ....they are just 10 little old numbers out of 1000. Nothing really special about them except they are easy to track and remember really.  Other than that... they are nothing but just 10 everyday straights.

 Take any old 10 straights you can think of and track them. Any 10 at all ....and you will see they are supposed to hit about every 100 draws...on average just like regular trips do. No matter who they are they average around a hit per 100 draws. 

 Some straights are a little more of a target than others. Like the 10 straights above. 

 This is a group that I call the "H4" group.  As a box group those 10 should hit about 6% of the time. As a Straight group they should hit about 1% of the time or every 100 days.

  But...... But....  the H4 straight group up there had not hit STRAIGHT ORDER as they are up there in over 400 days!  Actually 414 days to be exact.   

            Today.... GA Midday hit as 056 !!  ......for the first time in 414 draws.


  The nice thing about these kind of Straights ......  they never get locked out or shut out at the local store like trips do. Nope... 

                      So..... today Ga Midday had a Big Straight group Hit.


        What about "REGULAR TRIPS" ...YOU ASK    Heck they are only out 185 draws on Midday no where near as due as the Kinda Sorta Trips ..... the H4 group at 414 days.  Banana   



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