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Luck and the Next Few Days

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Posted: August 15, 2007, 9:29 am - IP Logged

        Recently SpookySoozy posted about Saturn finally moving on, and I know all about that party.  Saturn is the task master/maker of the zodiac.  What you do not want to deal with, Saturn will make you deal with.  I happen to think that Saturn moving allows a breath of fresh air before we tackle our next set of challenges.  I just wish Saturn would take a nice long break from all signs.  Wishful thinking.

        My reason for writing today is about the upcoming days - especially through the end of the month and the 18th.  Typically, there are a few days a year that can have a profound affect on a few signs.  Occasionally there is a day or 2 a year that will impact just about every sign.  August 18th is that day for 2007.  However, the days leading up to and just after are not excluded - astrology is like building blocks in many ways.  I advocate the use astrology on many levels.  Knowledge is power - Astrology is a tool that can assist in every aspect of your life.  I do not advocate allowing Astrology to run every aspect of your life.  Something to do for fun when bored on the Net - enter your sun sign in your favorite search engine and spend some time reading.  This is basic sun sign astrology - it may lead you to want to know more - my point exactly!

        First, about the money and luck things,  I think every sign will start seeing a really upswing right around the 23rd.  Also mid to late August is really important for most signs in the employment aspect of things from a positive standpoint. 

        We all have to get past the 18th to get there...

        For some who are Air Signs (G/Li/Aq), this will be a blow-out or blow-up time.  Basically, I don't think there is going to be any middle of the road, especially for Gemini.  We may see really good fortune, but we may have really serious crap in the middle of it.  We are in the process of completing a series of eclipses and changes that mean sweeping away the stuff in our lives that needs to be swept - but it's the big things.  I'm Gemini - for the next several days my plan is to hunker down, stay the course, keep my mouth pretty much shut (oh boy can I get into trouble there) and just get the job done.  No matter what happens, I refuse to let anyone or anything rattle me to the point that I lose myself - you know - like really losing your temper or being on the receiving end and letting rip.  I'm not saying let anyone take advantage, I'm saying I personally will bite my tongue a little more because it will probably benefit ME in the long run.  Some Air Signs are on the down side of speculation luck - good news - about to start the upswing, like right now and it's about time!

          Now, those incredible Fire Signs (Le/Sa/Ar) are slowing a little from a remarkable ride of luck -  I think this 18th thing will impact you in terms of wearing your heart on your sleeve.  When we do that, we can rush things too much and miss the obvious (maybe a little clue there when you are working on your numbers).  I don't think the luck is over, especially with Jup moving direct in Sag earlier this month.

          The Earth Signs (T/V/Cap) have the potential for luck to shine in late August too.    I think you will be least affected by the 18th and the days surrounding it.  I do think most will be working too hard.  One thing, my Earth-Bound-Friends are always, well, a little nuts just before school starts.  I am amazed at the stamina shown at getting things just right for the back-to-school deal.  I admire your fortitude - I could not do it. 

           The Water Signs (Ca/Sc/Pi)  each have a high point - luck, home life and work - a boost of each for some.  I've seen some forecasts and some other signs where there is real potential for Water, in particular Cancer, to see a nice money boost in August  - Oh, I hope so!!  I was once told by someone very knowledgeable that during my lifetime, water would be very, very important.  How profoundly prophetic this has turned out to be.

              Again, luck-wise, we should all see an upswing around the 23rd.  We may need to take a deep breath and buck-up, so to speak, around or on the 18th; then we all need to breathe deep and look forward to the 23rd.

               Just in time for the full moon thing at the end of the month..... but that's another story.    Sun Smiley