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NC Ball Drawings Question

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Posted: August 31, 2007, 1:31 am - IP Logged

Anybody ever seen the same kind of ball machine in other states that NC uses for pick 3?  Somebody said that Ga have the same kind of machine.

I've never seen a ball machine like the one in NC.  The balls in all three containers are already going, bouncing up and down when it comes on.  So, you don't see them turn on the balls like they do in ILL.

The balls comes up unassisted before you can bat an eye and press for a number between digits. It's like grease lightening fast. 

All the presenter does is straighten the balls so that the audience can see it.  They don't open up a slot at the top or anything for the ball to comes up.  It's already open.

At the very first drawings NC had, (the first week) they had the presenter standing in front of the machines and all of a sudden they appeared behind it when the first ball came up. It was so wierd.  You were like, when did they walk behind the machine.  They figured out that didn't look right and stopped doing that.  Now the presenter is standing behind the machine when it comes on.

It was like the drawing and the presenter weren't a part of the same film or something.  It got me to thinking how NC numbers mimic a computerized state - in my opinion.  Are there any states that are computerized but mimic a ball drawing?

Anybody have the same kind of machine in their state?