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The 120-day Rule of Luck

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Posted: September 7, 2007, 6:59 am - IP Logged

   I've mentioned the 120-day rule as a personal favorite.  I cannot take credit for authorship and cannot give credit where it's due except to say I believe this originated in India.   

      So the rule says that you will have an opportunity for increased periods of luck 120 days before or 120 days after your birthday.  I would add that for me personally, this is ballpark of 2-5 days, not just the exact 120th day.  Some years, but not every year, the week or day of your birthday will also be quite fortunate.  If you've ever had a real bummer of a birthday, you know this does not happen every year.  This is not an exact science - you may have a year where every month is lucky.  The 120-day rule is a general one that can shake out some mighty fine periods for luck.  Each year the 120-day rule will fall different for each person astrologically.  Maybe this year the alignment shines on your house of home and family and this is the year you end up buying a house or getting married (another form of luck). 

     If your birthday is May 9th, you are at about 120 days post.  Lucky you!  Around January 5, I think, is 120 days pre  (please doublecheck my day count).  Again, lucky you.

     So, what kind of luck  -  maybe the general kind where the car starts, the roof holds, the account's current or maybe casino/slots/gaming luck or maybe lottery luck.  Well, they are all different types of luck and only rarely do things line up astrologically where you could expect a win no matter what you do. 

    Maybe you live in an area where slots/casino gambling is readily available.  Have you have noticed that you might win big at BJ or roulette but miss the lottery by a mile or have a lot of lottery luck only to find things dry at the slots?

    If you track your wins, you probably already know this trend.   So, which is luckier, the pre or post time?  I believe it is the 120 days after your birthday.

    So, what has the 120-day rule done for me?  Actually, my biggest single slot win fell within the rule and my combined largest slots win came within the rule.  If you play slots, you may have experienced or witnessed someone who is in the zone.  A while back on a sleepy weekday I remember this guy who was sitting at a row of slots all by himself (quarters, I think).  He had just won the jackpot on his machine and the attendant came over to cash him out.  So he slides to the next machine while waiting, puts in 3 quarters and wins a second jackpot.    He told me that he rarely every came to the slots but woke up with the thought that he had to go that day.  I've had the good fortune to be in the zone and it is a wonderful place to be, if only briefly.

      I'm always saying to track and record your wins, watch for trends.  Learn the basics of astrology (especially about planets in your sun sign).    Even if you have absolutely no belief in luck or astrology or anything remotely mystical, I've no doubt your interest in numbers and winning lends you to watching some sort of trends.  The goal here is not in conversion of a faith or belief system - the goal is winning!  How fortunate we are that LP allows us to combine things and find what works for us.

      I hope today is your day!    Sun Smiley  Jake