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Open Challenge, prove forces other then odds can win a lotto!

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 13 years ago by joshuacloak.

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February 12, 2006
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i noticed, we have people,  all over the place with diff beliefs in like

LOA,{Lack of Attention}

bible based spin off ideas

stuff like the movie , the secret  and likewise beliefs all over the net, here in our presences


that all cliam something else, beyond pure odds make the world go world, so to speak

others call it  "Mystical" beliefs sense they dont understand it{understandable} 

so , lets have our self a battle royal of the beliefs,  that  say anything is indeed possible

what others been cliaming these "Mystical" beliefs really do pull off,

times now to prove it.

put up  or shut up, so to speak


post your Mystical mobo jumbo here, so to speak

and lets Win us a lotto jackpot {pb/mm} with it

prove that pure odds dont win the lotto

you do with ...................................

your mind or whatever focrces do the works of reality creating, so to speak

there more then 1 belief  in a all powerrful force that creates our  realitys, other then  pure odds.

so am making this a Open Challenge


first step


 post your beliefs,




take action and put to the test, so to speak,  the power that lay in your beliefs when used with action.


and prove whatever it is ,can really do anything,  if  actions taken/used right

even win  a lotto jackpot by its forces {power}




all you got to do is win the lotto, and you can tell us


you have some poof, backed up with actions

and can help your followie humans by pointing them in the right path

{the path already travaled} and proven to be right path, so to speak


i try and make sure the Mathematics forum people dont come and spoil our fun if step #3 happens, lulz


even the must strangest beliefs are welcome to take part in the Open Challenge to win a pb/mm jackpot!

so lets get this belief battle started!

ring the bell!

ding ding

announcer: and the fight is on folks!

    joshuacloak's avatar - Money Swim-uncle-scrooge-mcduck-35997717-677-518.jpg
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    United States
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    February 12, 2006
    707 Posts

    3rd person role playing as i post>

    How dare you thro down a Open Challenge!

    i show you how badass my beliefs are so to speak and what they can do!


    my "beliefs"  you dare challenge is called


    and it shall/can bring me a lotto win!

    some info about it,  Merriam Webster puts it perfactly as

    solipsism :a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing; also : extreme egocentrism 


    thing is

    i call that Self, by the name of God,

    i Am God

    and i Can Only know Modifications of myself

    which your all diff modificantions of GOD aka myself

    "all my diff modificantions of reailty, my creations are but diff awarness's of myself so to speak

    and my creations are inf!

    i can have  a awareness of any modification , of my self, and have it appear in my reailty!

    such as that i won the lotto!

    and if i have this Awareness ,  such as Myself Being a lotto winner

    it has to appear,

    how , will am god,

    , its like a seed planted in the ground

    i dont know 1 thing how the hell, the "seed"  turned into  living green fruit tree

    but it does! 

    its the turth! 

    but if i dare plant it ,so to speak , by coming aware of that Modification of myself

    water it  so to speak, by giving it my present awareness as the only reailty in my awareness, so to speak its also the sun that gives it the power even to be born.

    It has to appear in my reailty, it can not fail me

    so i Take you up on your Open Challenge, 

    and i prove there more then odds at work in reality.

    thats all for now! 


    p.s. i hope a video will do for proof of the lotto win, with pics of the winning ticket and all that stuff. Cool


    p.s. let the  Mathematics people come on step 3, i can just keep winning lotto jackpots back and forth , they be freaking out ,  we have great Laughter out of it Jester Laugh