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dream help plz

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February 9, 2004
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Posted: October 19, 2007, 11:06 am - IP Logged

i dream i was vaving chest pain. i couldnt move my sister came an told me i need a heart transplant.  she is 33 i am 35

i dream  i 35 an my girl lil daughter was climbing up building. she was walkin  up a head with 2 of my sisters. she stopped an trys to come down for me. i shouted to her keep goin an leave me. i heard noices over the building. i went arround the building i saw many white people swimming in a pool.

i walk in a room where  a few black people was in. wen i walk out the room into the the pool arera the door slam shut then i woke up. the door was a old wooded dooor with the paint flaking off.

then it switch to me and john  along with 15 or more other guys in a cell. there was ovcersere there with whips beating those who was in  the pool.

i saw a blue jeans  i held it up it had a belt made up of us $100.00 dollar bills.

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    Posted: October 19, 2007, 11:34 am - IP Logged