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unbreakable pairs in last 35 draws

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Posted: October 25, 2007, 10:08 am - IP Logged

well i just run a test for pairs in pick 4 it seem pairs 48 and 63 have 35x consecutive hit from us canada pick 4 draws so i think in a daily we can expected this numbers should be create a straight hit

48xx  4x8x  4xx8  xx48  84xx  8x4x  8xx4  xx84
63xx  6x3x  6xx3  xx63  36xx  3x6x  3xx6  xx36

also the most hit for 3D is
159 : 159x  15x9  1x59  x159

and this 3D missing in last 35 days
846 : 846x  84x6  8x46  x846
622 : 622x  62x2  6x22  x622

good luck to find which states that carry those numbers

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