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okay another crazy dream

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October 1, 2007
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Posted: October 28, 2007, 3:13 am - IP Logged

I have a bad cold,so that might be the course of the crazy dreams


we went to a auction.  we bid on a house.  the dream started with me and Eddie in the house.

i was thinking in my dream we are crazy how are we going to pay for  this house we won the auction

this house was designed crazy,   it had rides in it,  like a moving RV jerking around,  it had water guns like a carnival.     there was one room made into a old school room it had two big caulk board's 

almost every room had circular carpeted steps to get to the next level.    one room was full of recliners.    one room was full of toys.  one toy that stood out in my dream was cartoon charter sitting at a toy typing .         and we started to leave and i had to ask somebody how much did we win the auction for   and i don't remember if she said 39,000 or 40,000


when i got home i checked on line  i punched in 45,000 to see how much  the payments was going to be

i didn't see the payments 


and the whole time i was there i was walking around trying to find the master bedroom  and never did find it    and one bath room was a half bath no sink  but it had a bathtub with the sliding doors  i I tried to get in and could not fit to use the bathroom lol you could hardly stand in there no room.     


one section  had a big room and 3 little room attached    i said this would be perfect for the kids  they would have a big play room then there bedroom attached.   

there were two room i kept passing that was very old   had old wood and old furniture in to and it was roped off 

and they had a lottery room   there was a machine that dispensed instant tickets  and I asked the man  will that be staying  it had a big tn lottery sign in there too 


and when we left there was sign i saw that said biggest sale in 10 years 

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    Posted: October 28, 2007, 5:16 pm - IP Logged




    may it be a blessing to you