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Mercury retrograde almost over!

Topic closed. 2 replies. Last post 10 years ago by spookysoozy.

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Posted: October 30, 2007, 11:15 pm - IP Logged

   I personally get a little tired about hearing the same old same old about how Mercury retrograde wreaks havoc on all things communicative, mechanical, etc.  Truth is, every Merc Retro has a different impact on us depending on our individual birth date/time.   I think by virtue of their relationship, Gemini does fair the worst/best with Merc movements, but there will be similar results for those with Gemini placed prominently in their chart.   For me personally, some retrograde periods are lucky and a breeze and others quite negative.  I confess I look forward to the backside of these retrogrades, no matter what.  With Mercury direct as of 11/01, I am hoping for one last big bang with 718/1718/5718 which have been all over the place these past few weeks, except DE

Speaking of planets retrograding, a biggie looms on the horizon - Mars will retrograde roughly 11/15.  Mars is the planet of action (and war).  Some of us will get a lot done and see enhanced personal achievement during this period which ends in 01/08.  This retrograde will be lining up with a touchy, sensitive side of things - coinciding with the holidays it will make travel, especially driving, a time to be more cautious.    Mars only does this about every 2 years and may force a little excitement on us whether we want it or not.

         Have you heard the astro buzz about November 8th and 9th?   Lots of dreams to come, good intuition time, and hopefully some very good numbers....   

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    Posted: October 30, 2007, 11:25 pm - IP Logged

    Thank you - good info Jake...may all our sweet dreams come true!

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      Posted: October 31, 2007, 2:15 am - IP Logged

      I never get tired of hearing about mercury retro.  Always a good merc story around at that time, and it is fun to be right about the whole thing.

      I don't make appts - especially dental  or medical.  I have had too many lessons in that area. I swear, Mr Mercury, I am cooperating.  Yes Nod . Last year I did make an appt with my young trialthalon doc. When I go there they said they were sorry they could not reach me but Doc kid had the flu. 

      Some friends wanted a Halloween seance. I said "OK, but Merc is retro" so let me know for sure.  I have yet to hear back about that, big surprize. Not.

      I am recently watching what has been named "the shadow" of the retro merc.  It will continue after Merc goes direct untill 11/17.  Interesting reading , anyway. In 10 years I will have a firm opinion on that as well.

      I have a good friend born with a retro mercury that breezes through, comparativly.  Last time around he borrowed his sisters ( born with direct merc ) new expensive camera - a merc thing - and it was crushed by a huge horse.  He says it wasn't his camera so what the heck.  We dont know if the horse had a retro  merc at birth or not.   Jester Laugh    It is all fun to me. Wasn't my camera, either.

      Ask a Virgo how they like a retro merc. I think they get the worst of it. It does disrupt the order of things for them, sort of a sacrelidge in Virgoland.

      I have  some virgo planets and a gemini moon, so I get irritated AND get to laugh it off. I tried making copies of a cassette ( against my own advice ) the last few days on my 10 year old sterio thingy. I was sitting there after the 4th try hoping my grandson would come in and just do it for me.  He was born with a retro merc and does well with it. Great tape, but I can not find it on DVD. I will attack that  job again after mercury, we'll see if it goes any better for me then. One copy is for you , Jake. I think you will like it if I ever get it done right.

      My prediction for the retro Mars is that business contracts for new endeavors should really be scrutinized.  New stores and resturants generally do not succeed, in my observation.  Some make it a year before they close or change hands.  This is from my own hometown experience the last two decades.

      Off the merc subject..One interesting thing about planets that I learned was watching the progressed ( year for a day ) ones in peoples charts. As a planet progresses retrograde a person will leave your life.  Sometimes move away, sometimes a permanant exit.  It can also happen when one progresses direct in your chart. You can look back over the years and check it. Grant you, I have a lot of years to look back at my chart, but I have seen it in toddlers charts and it proved out in a short time.

      I prattle on.. with merc stopping to turn back around we will get repeat numbers, we always do.  Good luck, all.   Pumpkin

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