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Buying Commercial Properties with Lottery Prize

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April 19, 2006
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Posted: December 3, 2007, 9:37 pm - IP Logged

 I kept thinking about buying stocks and mutual funds if I win. But I changed my mind. I would invest in mutual funds, including income funds. But commercial properties are more lucrative investment than funds if you have enough properties. Think about the incomes coming from the rent paid by tenants! If you own a big indoor swapmeet you can net six-figure income every month. Condos, apartment complex, malls and so on. If you win enough amount of money, say 30 millions net, then you won't have to touch your prize money for the rest of your life.

 Of course, some amount of money could go into savings and CDs. Then I could put some money into IRA as a tax-deferred investment. Then I can put a few millions in funds that create monthly incomes. Diversification, everyone. Diversification. :)

 It's really difficult to buy quality properties in LA country area. Maybe I should look into Palmdale and Victorville. I guess I can hire a management company to collect the checks every month and maintain the properties.

 Oh, if I win...I would set up a trust to provide some financial help to my family members and friends. My parents should retire and my sisters need a residence until they get their master's degree.

 Just another daydream. :)